Ayat Education

A social enterprise committed to raising awareness, community engagement and supporting capacity development of our disadvantaged community and national health professionals. It has been working relentlessly to serve the nation by reducing unemployment and underemployment through creating skilled employable youths.

Vision & Mission

Providing world-class education to create competent individuals. AYAT Education’s mission is to increase the employable skills of our youths through capacity building and quality education.

No Poverty

AYAT Education is creating employment to reduce extreme poverty from Bangladesh by providing educational, vocational training and connecting with employers.

Dignifying Life

An initiative of Ayat Education that began with a national call to address the rising need of quality Palliative care services. It aims to train doctors and nurses on the concepts and practices of basic palliative care.

Good Health And Well-Being

AYAT Education is working with international partners to co-develop comprehensive SRHR curriculum, work on national policy of SRHR. AYAT Education has built a nursing college that will support the development of component nurses.

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