AYAT Packaging Solutions Ltd.

AYAT Packaging Solutions Ltd. (APACK) is the leading manufacturer of precision safety plastic packaging materials in Bangladesh serving the health care community both here and across our borders. We believe in the best possible pricing along with the highest level of export quality standards in order to help save and improve the quality of life. APACK is one of the leading producers of rigid packaging and Flexible packaging products in Bangladesh and has the world’s most advanced printing technology and equipment to produce high quality and safe packaging products.

APACK Japanese Technology.

APACK utilizes japanese technology which is the industry leader in bi-axially oriented stretch blown PET containers. High quality machines provide pharmaceutical and cosmetic bottles for the safe and simple administration of medicines and sensative materials.

Oil Free Compressed Air System.

Oil free compressed air system is used as it is most suitable for production of packaging for Pharmaceuticals. The products are packed in a clean environment under stringent supervision of our quality control system.

1-Step Molding Process- Why is it Important?

No Contamination: In 1-step molding performs are clean and sterile at the time of blow molding the resin is heated to 280C and performs do not have human touch or manual handlings.

Product Portfolio

To ensure products of APACK which are affordable in price and highest in quality reaches all around the Globe. The Single-Stage technology ensures that raw material to bottle production is fully automated with no possibility of any contamination due to manual handling.

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