Ayat Skill Development Center

Ayat Skill Development Center (ASDC) strives to promote the development of skilled workforce, including those from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds. The courses designed and conducted at ASDC help the students gather employable and market ready skills which help them to find appropriate jobs with a proper pay. The technical and soft skills the workforce obtain through training with ASDC help prepare them to become desirable to both local and international job markets.

Principle Objectives Of The Centre Are
To offer a range of services and programs which will help unemployed disadvantaged clients become self-reliant and realize their career potential. To work closely with private and public sector agencies towards creating a skilled and marketable labor force.
ASDC Vision
Ayat Skill Development Centre will seek to become a progressively viable, self-sustaining institution, dedicated to the advancement of attitudes, skills and knowledge, necessary for survival in global working environment.
ASDC Mission

Ayat Skill Development Centre, together with the support of the private and public sectors, will assist in providing information and training services towards developing a skilled, informed and marketable workforce, which will contribute to the development of Bangladesh.

ASDC Services

A comprehensive technical center providing employable skills training.

Vocational Skills Training, Functional English Education, Program for disabled person, Awareness Raising, Employment Support & Partnership development.

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